Sunday, January 24, 2010

Movie Recommendation

If you read and enjoyed my Fairlawn books, I have just discovered a movie you might like. It's a Japanese film called DEPARTURES, and I found it utterly charming. And the music--wow! I had to order the soundtrack at

The story? A young cellist finds himself unemployed and returns to his hometown, where he takes a job in an unusual occupation. He's an "NK agent," and we don't really have an American counterpart, unless you count part of the job that funeral directors do. But as I watched this young man work, I kept thinking about Gerald of the Fairlawn books. Those two would have gotten along very well.

This movie isn't for the kids--an adult moment or two, but nothing offensive. But very moving, very respectful, and very tender. Track it down today, or look for it on Netflix. I gave it five stars. :-)



Mocha with Linda said...

Sounds interesting.

There's a place in a somewhat rural area between here and Houston that always makes me think of you and Fairlawn. There's a house, and then next to the house kinda set back just a bit is the funeral home.
Both are painted blue.

Gretta said...

It sounds like an interesting movie. We'll have to see it.