Saturday, August 07, 2010

Every Life Has a Story . . .

Photo: yours truly with our local Chick-fil-A cow. :-)

HT to Randy Alcorn and Michael G. for pointing me toward this video!

The lesson contained in the above video is one reason I love to people-watch in airports, bus stations, and train depots. Because everyone has a story . . . and everyone longs for someone else to listen to it.

This video was made by the folks at Chick-fil-A, and I'm so proud of the work that company is doing and has done over the years. Some friends of mine own a Chick-fil-A in our town, and they often go on missions trips . . . they're incredibly generous people.

So today as you people-watch, why not take the time to ask a few questions so you can get the story behind a few lives?


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Mocha with Linda said...

What a neat video. I just love Chick-fil-A! The one by me is owned by some friends of mine and it's a regular stop for us!