Saturday, February 12, 2011

Fanny pack, bum bags, belt bags . . . they're back!

It's back! The touristy, tacky fanny pack is making a comeback, but this time it's coming back in leather and design.

I know, I've always thought they were tacky, especially when they were stuffed full of . . . stuff. But as a tourist, I've learned that they are great for keeping one's wallet closet to the body. As a dog trainer, I've learned they are wonderful for holding dog treats while allowing your hands to stay free.

And now they're back . . . and a pretty price, though you can bet that will soon come down. Read this article from the Wall Street Journal and take a look at the new varieties in the slide show--I sort of like them (except the one that looks like saddle bags. On my hips . . . . I don't think so.) Still, the new designs seem to be slim . . . not much room for more than a single cell phone. On the other hand, sometimes a cell phone is all you need!

Interesting--I didn't know that "fanny" was a nasty word in the UK and Australia . . . but each culture has its own taboo list. But "bum bag" isn't much better. :-(

Enjoy, fashionistas!



Kathy Cassel said...

I think I have a couple still stashed away from the first time around.

Anonymous said...

some day I will tell you the story about the lovely family of dear English friends I shocked into silence with the word "fanny" ....

Lynda in Mo said...

I completely reject this idea!! Lol I refuse to wear anything that makes me look like a marsupial! I'll take a cross-body bag any day over this!

Unknown said...

Nah. You can keep your "hands free bags." Me? I'll take a classic Coach bag every time! (I don't want much, do I?? LOL)