Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Man and His Goose

I love this story I read yesterday in the Wall Street Journal. A goose named Maria has developed a fast friendship with an older man, but she faces eviction in the weeks ahead (and thankfully, she doesn't know it yet.)

I trust the city will work something out, but the story of friendship is really touching. Be sure to check out the slideshow and the video, too. :-)

Ah, animals. They feel and think so much more than we realize . . .



Mocha with Linda said...

What a sweet story.

And I couldn't believe the city official in the part about the man considering taking Maria and relocating to Oregon: "technically the goose is property of the state." Actually, yeah, I could believe it. Typical stupid comment of a government type!

k_stin said...

Great story! I can't believe how she gets jealous of the other geese and how she flies along at the end, like she doesn't want to say good-bye! I hope it all works out. Thanks for sharing!