Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Breakfast conversation

My sweet husband spread candy hearts--the LARGE PRINT variety--all over the kitchen this morning. So as I moved through the kitchen, gobbling them up, I said:

"You know, they ought to put some calcium in these. And  glucosamine."
Hubby:  "And a little fiber." Beat.  "You know, you could invent that. You'd make a fortune."

Yes, we have been sweethearts for a long time.  :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!



Anonymous said...

LOVE it! What a hopeless romantic. You are a very blessed woman. Clyde

Mocha with Linda said...

So fun! True love!

Anonymous said...

How sweet of him. And so true. How long before we see "inventor" added to the writer, nana, wife, mother... list?

Mary Kay