Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Florida State Fair

No words needed for this, except:  I didn't indulge!
Went to the State Fair Yesterday . . . and to visit a Cuban grocery/bakery, as part of my research for the work in progress.  Both were fun and educational.

Here are some pictures I thought you might enjoy.  I'm a sucker for the farm animals.  :-)  Wanted to see horses, but they had all cleared out, seeing as how it was the last day of the fair.


I love this chicken's hairdo. :-) 

Loved this picture. No idea who the baby is.

Most goats look a little devilish, but this one was sweet. 

Now that's a sand sculpture! 

As always, the carnival barkers were barking. 


Southern-fried Fiction said...

I love to see the farm animals, too. We have a small farmer who lives on my back road to the mall. He raises chickens that peck all over the yard and near the road. They're beautiful specimens, a huge variety, and I'm sure he shows them at the fair. I can't believe they don't go into the road but they don't!

Cindy said...

We haven't been to the Fl state fair in years. Just not as fun since our son grew up. And I too love the horses especially the paso fino ones that have that special gait. Oh, I'd love to ride one of them!