Friday, March 23, 2012

Doggies and fun and photos, oh my!

Boy, it's beginning to feel like summer around here! I worked at the SPCA this morning, and even though I worked in the shade, I was about to melt by the time I finished.   Here are some of the shots I took this morning--a crop of wonderful doggies!

By the way, we did post a version of that last photo, but I mostly cropped myself out.  :-) It's not important that I'm hugging Jack, it's important that he's huggable.  :-)

Many thanks for my partner in photos, Jim McCook, who often helps me with these dogs that simply won't sit still!



This picture cracks me up. She reminds me of a church lady. 

Happy Jack. A truly sweet boy who likes women better than men. :-)

Isis--an interesting combination of breeds. Corgi and Lab?

You're already met Zelda, but I re-shot her for better color. 

Me huggin' on Jack.  What a sweet boy!


Kathy Cassel said...

We need a puppy. A lady (with mental health issues) promised Jessica a puppy. We visited from the day it was born until six week old taking all kinds of stuff for all her dogs. When we went out of town two weeks ago, the lady just up and moved and took the dogs and Jessica's promised puppy with her--or sold it. No one is sure. We were supposed to pick it up when we got back and if she did have to leave suddenly, she could have just left it with the neighbor who was pet sitting for us. It was a pek/pom mix. Parents are both therapy dogs and one a pure bred. Jessica wanted it as a companion for her one-year- old pug/pek mix because our other dog is old and not in good health anymore and once he goes, the one-year-old is going to be terribly lonely. Sigh.

Angela said...

Well, come on down! We have a pom in the shelter now, but he won't last long. He's beautiful!


Kathy Cassel said...

: )

Kristin said...

Jack is cute!

Bonnie said...

A corgi/lab. Isis is something else. Great picks.

Pawzitive Prints said...

U can use the doggie pool if the heat is to much 4 U :)