Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Shelter Me, Inc.

This made me cry. How about you?



Cindy Brown said...

Nope. Not a tear was shed, I'm afraid. Perhaps you are hormonal? Now had I watched it last week, I might have cried, but this week I remained composed ;0) Darn, and I was geared up for a good cry! LOL! It was a very nice story to share, though, so thanks for that. Poor doggies! Glad someone like her cares enough to do that.

Tamera Alexander said...

LOVE that so many more people who have the talent to do this are using it for such good. Bless them. And YOU! : )

Patty said...

I adopted my dog, Molly from a shelter..she is the most loving, affectionate dog. I believe they know that they are the lucky ones..Thanks Molly for loving me!

Debby said...

This is my hometown TV station - and I missed this story! Thank you for sharing. I know you put yourself in Nanette's place and how awesome to hear that all the dogs in this piece were adopted. Makes you feel good that you can do the same, I'm sure!