Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New survey up for readers. Will you help?

Click Here to take survey

Hi, everyone:

Ever so often I like to take the pulse of my readers, as it were, and this little survey is designed to do just that. Will you take a moment to answer a few simple questions? Thanks so much!



Dana said...

It's saying the survey is closed. ??

Dana said...

It worked! :)

Mocha with Linda said...

So where do we order the Angela Hunt Addict shirts?! :-)

Anonymous said...

You are welcome, Angie. Of course I don't know how helpful "I love 'em all" is in guiding your decisions. LOL

Linda--Great idea. Angie, can we do that with your permission? Angela Hunt Addict on the front, and Expect the Unexpected on the back.

Thanks for all the great books. And my hubby thanks you for the Talking Animal video. He's still walking around calling Ellen! Ellen!

Mary Kay

Angela said...

Ya'll are too funny. And Mary Kay, I'm cracking up thinking about your hubby and his "call of the wild." :-)