Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hug a Pug

Before I had mastiffs, I had a pug. I've had a couple of pugs, actually, and they really are a sort of mini-mastiff. Same dark mask, same loyal personality, same tendency to snore, same fierce defense of territory. Actually, I'd have to say that most pugs are more defensive than most mastiffs--mine always seemed like little Napoleons, while my mastiffs are more like slumbering bearskins. :-)

However--the pugs do have that cute little head tilt which makes them seem almost human. That quizzical look, as demonstrated above.

Wallis Simpson, aka "The Duchess" had a penchant for pugs--I think she and the Duke had four or five. They really are collectable. :-)



Deborah said...

Pugs are the best dogs ever!!! (This is another pug owner her) Adooooreable video. Gosh if i had 4 pugs, I'd just be squeeeeing all the time

Mocha with Linda said...

Too funny!

Kei said...

I too had a pair of pugs. They are the most comical, adorable little clowns.

I have since also moved on to mastiffs. I have a Neapolitan Mastiff that I just adore. I can't imagine life without one. I still sometimes think of giving him a little pug friend!

Angela said...

Kei--see the new photo I just uploaded! This was during the transition period. :-) That's Justus (of Regis and Kelly fame) with Ike.


CFHusband said...

in fact, another name for the pug is "Dutch Mastiff". Look it up.