Friday, May 07, 2010

It's Coming! Glen Eyrie, that is!

Our Theme for 2010: Get Re-inspired!

Dear friends:

As some of you know, each year some of my writing friends and I host a writer's workshop at Glen Eyrie, a retreat center in Colorado Springs. This is not the typical writer's conference--no editors, no agents, just people who want to write and a team of dedicated instructors. You'll choose the instructor whose approach suits you best, and then you'll spend practically all day with them, writing and learning new tips and tricks. After dinner, we meet together again for some fun and inspirational exercises--it's a workshop that just might change your life!

This year I'll be joined by Nancy Rue, Kathy Mackel, and James Scott Bell. Our classes will be held in a castle--that's right, a real castle--and you can make your reservation and learn all about it here. Tell a friend and make arrangements to come together.

And when you register, be sure to tell the folks at Glen Eyrie that you heard about the conference through Angie's blog. :-) This conference is where we met Clyde, Kay, Mary Kay, and so many other regular blogees. :-) We'd love to see you this year!



Anonymous said...

Oh, how I wish I could attend again. The Osterhaus clan is having our first ever reunion of the descendents of my father's siblings' in Washington DC in June. I'll be with you all in spirit, and pray to be able to return to Glen Eyrie in 2011. Even though I'm only a wannabe writer at this time, I found a lot of valuable information at the conference I attended a couple of years ago. I heartily recommend it! Clyde

Anonymous said...

This conference is a gem! (Though perhaps we should whisper that so it doesn't out grow the intimate nature?) I learned so much, and had the chance to get answers to questions as I applied it. The setting and the instructors are a gift. Go if you can. And--today I'd be HAPPY to be away from all the after shocks in southern California!

Mary Kay

Barbara said...

Please let us know as soon as you know the 2011 dates. I had planned to go this year, but already had vacation plans that week. I know you all will have a great time!