Thursday, May 20, 2010

Which do you prefer--cats or dogs?

Personally, I like cats a lot--and have owned them (as much as one can "own" a cat--but I LOVE dogs (because they love me back). I'm allergic to both, but my nose rebels more violently against cats.

I found the following statistics fascinating, so enjoy!


Cats vs Dogs
[Source: Online Schools for]


Mocha with Linda said...

I guess I'd choose a dog.

Leslie said...

Don't let my dog and cat know about this.

I brought them both home on the same day - they adore each other. The cat will even sleep on top of the dogs kennel.

What I didn't know that I'm glad to know (from this chart) is that cat's sense of smell is so much worse than a dog's. That explains things. I recently moved their food bowl (once I realized the dog much preferred the cat's food, and knowing that its safe for dogs to eat cat food (but its not safe for cats to eat dog food) I just decided they could eat the same food - so anyway - I moved the food bowel to get it out of my way - I showed the cat where it was - but still for several days she kept begging me for food - I couldn't understand why - I didn't move it THAT far and I couldn't figure out why she couldn't smell it.

Now I know why. Yes, she's finally figured out where her food is and I'm once again enjoying a trip-free existence.

Kay Day said...

Cats cats cats!!!
I'm a cat person! I love cats!
We had both cats and dogs when I was growing up and I've briefly had a dog since becoming an adult.
What some people see as love, I see as an irritating, overwhelming neediness and dependence.
Cats love you, but they give you your space.
Alas, my hubby is horrendously allergic to cats.

Carnivore or not, my cat loved green beans. And most love popcorn and potato chips. :)

Linda G said...

I would rather scoop out the litter box instead of walking regardless of the weather carrying a baggie.