Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Feeling frugal?

Hi, everybody!

I'm here at the Blue Ridge Writer's Conference, with my roommate, Nancy Rue. Nancy is working on her classes for today, and I'm obviously putting together something for my blog.

Last night was wild and crazy--the faculty talent show and improv team. I was on the improv team, but trust me, the other folks were much funnier. :-)

Have a little something today for those of you who are TRULY frugal. I'm frugal enough to print on both sides of the paper, but I'm not frugal enough to save empty toilet paper rolls. But if you are, here's a website where you can find amazing things to do with them. Fun for you and the kiddies. :-)




Mocha with Linda said...

Give Nancy a big hug from me!

The toilet paper roll art is bizarre. The strangest is that tree. Although the rocket is pretty cute, if my son were about 10 years younger!

Anonymous said...

Time to start counting sleeps, I think ...