Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Media Reaching More than Churches?

Interesting article from the Barna Group about how media (TV, radio, and books, fiction and nonfiction) are reaching more people than churches are.

I think this may very well be true, as I talk to a lot of people who claim to be Christians but who don't attend church (and they always have a list of reasons, usually stemming from some past hurt).

That's a shame. First, we need to forgive and get over our past hurts, and second, there is great blessing to be found in a body of believers. Praising together, working together, praying together, rejoicing in the baptism of a new believer--these are graces found in the church, and the solitary Christian isn't going to benefit from them as often as the one who attends church regularly.

What do you think? What's your experience? (And you might want to read the article before answering.) :-)



Lisa said...

We were in the same church for 18 years, and had to leave about 9 months ago because...well, that would take pages of explanation for why we left. Suffice it to say, it was time, and God said go. So, we went. We've spent the past 9 months 'church shopping' and it's been very hard. We finally are in a church that we hope is the right fit for our family. I will say that forgiving for past hurts done to you BY the church is easier said than done.
It's a daily forgiving for me. It's pulling up roots of bitterness that I find creeping up again. It's very, very hard. All that AND trying to get plugged into a new church while learning to trust again.
I can see why some just chuck it all and stay home. Not saying that's right AT ALL, just that I can see how it happens.
Just my thoughts :)

Kay said...

I don't listen to preaching/teaching radio. I might listen to a PDF sermon from a church I know.
I do listen to Christian music radio sometimes, but only when I'm in the car.
I do read books. :)
During the three years we were trying to find a church--we were attending, but searching--I was so hungry for what belonging to a church provides. I'm so glad we finally found a place. I just attended the ladies Bible study for the first time tonight. Ahhh, so nice.
I need church.

Ruthie said...

While that article was interesting, the survey and article both are WAY out of date and thus skewed in directions I don't think are necessarily valid today.

My dad worked in Christian radio from before I was born until the day he died...about 30 years. When I converted to Roman Catholicism 6 years ago (2004...a full 2 years after this article's survey was taken), I was surprised to discover active ministries in the standard media of TV and radio, as well as the new media ministries of blogging, podcasts, etc. It is interesting to me how many Catholics and non-Catholics watch Catholic television and listen to Catholic radio (EWTN is a global TV/radio network and therefore reaches people of all faiths all over the world).

While a lot of people claiming to be Christians do not attend church regularly, I think there are a lot who are drawn back to corporate worship simply because they engaged in some form of Christian media.

I would be interested to see what the results would be today if Barna conducted the same or similar survey.

Mocha with Linda said...

I don't watch "Christian" TV but I do like my Christian radio music and my books!

I think some of this is a result of passivity - you have to make a real effort to go to church, but the media can be done without getting dressed and stepping out of your house!