Wednesday, September 08, 2010


Parkour is apparently the art of never adjusting your steps to go around an obstacle. So you leap over it, jump it, twirl over it, etc.

I think it's easier to walk around. :-)




Mocha with Linda said...

So what happened to that last guy?!

Some of those made my knees weak. Maybe there are a few people who are related to monkeys after all!

Deborah said...

haha this reminds me of the opening of an episode of THE OFFICE a few years back, when Michael, Dwight and Andy get into the craze and begin jumping all over the office only to end in failure in a fridge box

Angela said...

Oh! I missed that episode of THE OFFICE. Will have to look for it!


Snowed-in in Alabama said...

This could make a great escape scene in the movies. Someone should hire them as stunt doubles.

Did you see the guy who kept losing his hat?

Deborah Raney said...

We just DIED at that episode of The Office. Hilarious (but maybe you have to have watched The Office for a while to think it's funny?)

Michele Henderson said...

I think these guys have been watching too many Jackie Chan movies. He does those types of stunts in his movies and makes it look so effortless.