Thursday, September 16, 2010


Oktapodi from oscardodo on Vimeo.

This cute short film won all kinds of awards, and it's delightful--as well as being pretty educational, if you're into octopi. Enjoy!

I finished my second draft of "the train book" yesterday, and I have a new working title: PASSING STRANGERS. I like it, so I'll have to see if it passes muster with my editor, the marketing folks, etc. Today is triage (fix the bleeding places), and then it's on to draft three!

Have a lovely day!



Betsey & Jane said...

LOVED this, Angela . . . and I'm no octopus fan. But now, I'll never want to try a tasty bit of one; I'll be too emotionally attached! The graphics on this were wonderful and the characters endearing. It made my dreary Thursday morning a lot less dreary. Thanks for posting!

Mocha with Linda said...

That's darling.

Snowed-in in Alabama said...

I like the title of your book. Hope the powers that be decide to keep it.

Kay Day said...

I liked the educational part. :)