Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sylvia Plath Poem

I finished the fourth and final Twilight book yesterday.  And yes, Bella is a little over-the-top in her adoration of her boyfriend, but Edward is the soul of prudence and restraint. Bella doesn't believe in religion, Edward is convinced he no longer has a soul and is damned. 

Aren't these wonderful topics to encourage discussion? 

While the fourth book is over-the-top in many ways--it's really different from the other three--I found myself thinking that it's almost a perfect metaphor for heaven. SPOILER HERE:  After Bella receives her "vampire body" and is experimenting with all the things it can do, I kept thinking of what heaven will be like in our new, transformed spiritual bodies. Paul wrote about them, and I can't help but think we'll experience the same delight Bella felt.  

Anyway--if you go looking for things to find wrong about these books, you're sure to find them. But if you settle back and enjoy them, I think you'll find much to discuss with your daughters and friends. I'm looking forward to our book club discussion on the first book.  I'm already halfway through it for the second time.  :-)

A poem today--and a challenge. 

It is a terrible thing
To be so open: it is as if my heart
Put on a face and walked into the world.

Sylvia Plath, “A Poem for Three Voices”

Isn't that profound? 

The challenge is simple:  caption the photo.  :-)



Anonymous said...

What no comment on the photo. The man/woman in the grass needs a title. I offer: "Thirty Minutes After Deadline." Or, "Burial by Novice Funeral Director."

Angela said...

LOL, Al!


C.J. Darlington said...

How 'bout: "That's a person with WAY too much time on their hands."

Anna Carrasco Bowling said...

My caption: Nobody had seen him since he went out to fertilize the lawn...

Anonymous said...

That kid can sleep through ANYTHING! Clyde

Mocha with Linda said...

Makes me think of a T-shirt my husband has. The younger readers won't get it.:

I fought the lawn and the lawn won.

Dr. Harry Kraus' latest book THE CURE is my Booked for the Holidays feature this week!

Kay Day said...

"The Chia pets have an evil plan"

Anonymous said...

He listened so long he became one with it.

Rylee said...

Finally, Thanksgiving break (said the teacher with gratitude). : )

Anonymous said...

Perhaps-- I really should get moving. Where's my coffee?

I really like Al's 30 minutes after deadline, and Kay Day's evil Chia pets.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving all, and a wonderful cruise, Angie.

Mary Kay

Anonymous said...

what an interesting, positive concept you have brought to our attention regarding the "twilight" books. thanks!
and as for the picture, it reminds me of what i wanted to do when my husband planted winter rye grass on our otherwise grass-less yard! it was wonderful to have "green" in the yard instead of dirt!
have fun on your vacation!

Anonymous said...

His parents said this would happen, but he just wouldn't listen. The after effects of smoking way too much pot.

eformanator said...

"You are what you Eat"