Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ever Wanted to Make a Foreign Film?

LOL! Here's your chance!  Watch this example and then make your own subtitled movie. What fun! 

BTW, I'd like to call your attention to a new entry on my blogroll (that list of blogs to the right).  This is the place where I mention Blogs That Did Not Ask to Be Here.  :-)  These are the blogs I love to visit myself, when I have time. 

The new entry, Dirty Harry's Place, is by a blogger who primarily blogs about values in film and the film industry.  But I've really enjoyed and agreed with his blogs on politics--read his entry for November 9th, if you have a minute.  From what I've read, I think he's a classy, articulate, hero kind of guy.  And I don't even know his name!  :-) 

Now, speaking of film, enjoy this Bollywood movie (films made in India are "Bollywood" films. Some of them are really fun.) 




SmilingSally said...

lol You are sick! Better than Elvis! lol Hrmph

Angela said...

Tee hee. I had to come up with something that fit with his outfit! :-)


Kay Day said...

Better than being sick! Definitely.
I think the next book you get on screen should definitely be directed by you!

Megan DiMaria said...

That was fun! Thanks.

A prisoner of hope,

Lisa said...

Too fun! Reading is better than Elvis. Especially if it's reading The Face! I finished it yesterday. I loved it!

Angela said...

Thanks, Lisa! And thanks, everyone, for playing!


Anonymous said...

that was fun!

Mike + Stacey Duncan said...

i about died laughing watching that! I called my husband in the room to watch it, and he about died laughing too! (he has heard me rave about the face for like two weeks now, and i made him watch the note with me so he is well aware who you are) in fact, he went to the website and made like four movies on it last night! i couldn't pull him away for an hour! aside from that, thank you for posting that! you gave us quite a laugh!

Angela said...

So happy to share the joy. :-)


Southern-fried Fiction said...

Loved it! But I expected something different - I figured Charlie and Babe would be in it. LOL

Mocha with Linda said...

And reading's better than a broken foot!

I couldn't get by here yesterday to watch! Too funny.

D. Gudger said...

Having fun with iMovie? The line, "Reading is better than getting sick." is my fave!