Thursday, November 13, 2008

Netflix Origami

I've been a Netflix member for years . . . in fact, I hardly ever go to the theater anymore, because it's just so nice to have movies delivered to my home.  

Anyway, my friend Kathy directed me to this page for Netflix origami.  Now those of us who hate throwing anything useful away can recycle our disposable Netflix mail flaps and create something truly fun.  Isn't that little box adorable?  I want to learn how to make that one so I can amuse my dinner companions whenever I'm at slow-moving banquets . . .   :-) 



Anonymous said...

Perfect for the grandbabies! Thanks for continually improving our minds (and hand/eye coordination). You are, without a doubt, the fount of all knowledge! =) Clyde

Anonymous said...

Ha! That's cute.

Deborah Raney said...

This is so cool! We get 3 Netflix movies at a time and often all 3 come in on the same day. I always feel like I should be recycling those flaps!

And Angie, my niece makes those little boxes in all sizes and sells them on She has some darling ones out of a Great Britain atlas (she married a guy from England and they live there.) Don't tell, but my agent's and editors' gifts this year are going to be presented in boxes made by my niece from a British dictionary. ; ) You can see her talent here:

Kay Day said...

The dive bomber might be more entertaining at a boring event!

What? We're grown up?

Mocha with Linda said...

So you take your Netflix flaps with you to banquets? LOL!

That's pretty funny. But I don't think I have enough arm strength from using crutches the last 4 days to even try something like that!

Anonymous said...

i like the starched shirt! all of them are too cute, tho! how creative!