Monday, May 08, 2006

The Great Monday Weigh-In

Okay, so I was up four-tenths of a pound. Yesterday I was actually down two pounds, but last night I had a "Last Supper"--you know what that is? I've been good this week, so tonight I'm going to splurge and eat **(fill in the blank--for me it was four slices of Hawaiian pizza). I'm sure that accounts for the two pound weight gain this morning. Fortunately those quick binges usually disappear. Eventually.

Anyway, on to happier topics. I wanted to share some useful healthy-eating tools I've found on the web. First is the national fitness scale-- let Uncle Sam tell you if you're truly overweight..

Second is a program I heartily recommend--I've used it for years. Michael Marder's "Weight Commander.". You can install this program on your computer and record your daily weight. The BEST thing about this little gizmo is that the graph shows "hollow" boxes and solid boxes. Michael's motto is "Don't follow the hollow."

You know how discouraged you can be when you step on the scale and you're up from the day before? (Like me, today.) Well, Michael's program keeps a running average of your entries, so even if you have a day or two that are up (represented by the hollow boxes), the solid boxes will represent your averages, or your trend. You can bounce up and down, but if you're being consistent, the solid lines will be heading downward.

Calorie King lists the nutritional information for dishes from hundreds of restaurants, making it easier to eat healthy and eat OUT. That's my kind of eating!

Well, how did you do? Drop us a comment and let us know! We can do anything if we just work at it long enough . . .

Until next week (on this topic),



Ruth said...

I am holding my own -- on my scale at home I can't tell if I'm up so many tenths or down so many tenths (it's not terribly sophisticated). So I'm saying zero up, zero down -- zero down due to less than healthy eating the latter half of the week.

Anonymous said...

One pound. Not going to shake the dieting world, and today I'll totally screw it up with my birthday binge! :-) I like that idea of the graph that shows the downware/upward trend. Will check it out!

Amy A. said...

I'm the same, but we had a Sunday afternoon splurge, too.

Christy Lockstein said...

I'm down a pound or so, but I've gained 11 pounds in the last eight weeks from steriods, so it's not much of an achievement. I like the idea of the graph though, I'm going to download that, maybe it will help!