Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kathy Mackel's THE HIDDEN

Back in December, I had to fly to Pensacola. I took a manuscript with me, Kathryn Mackel's The Hidden.

I almost missed my plane because I was so into the manuscript that I missed the boarding call. The flight attendants had to come and get me. And when the plane landed, I was at the ending of the book. You know how most folks spring up, eager to get out of that seat? I didn't spring. I sat right there, glued to my seat and to those pages. I didn't get off the plane until I'd finished reading, dashed a few tears from my eyes, and could once again focus on Real Life.

If you're looking for a good book, you can't go wrong with The Hidden. Here's my official endorsement:

Kathryn Mackel’s The Hidden is read-in-one-sitting good! Drama, suspense, love and horses—what else could you ask for in a book? Mackel’s consummate skills have created an unforgettable story.


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Ruth said...

I checked out the summary of that book on CBD's website -- it sounds fascinating!! Can't wait to read it.