Monday, September 25, 2006

Catching Up

Remember CLUE?

I think it was the editor. In the apartment. With a virus.

Tee hee. Actually, I don't know WHO it was, but somehow a virus sneaked into that Donald Maass Intensive retreat and one by one, I watched people come down with it. First Deeanne, then Maya, then Nancy. I came home, thinking that I had escaped completely, but nooooo, on Wednesday morning I woke up with the telltale sore throat.

Well. Five days later and I'm still creaking around like an old woman. Hubby says I don't look good and don't act at all like myself, which is not what a woman wants to hear. But I went to the doc this morning and came home with drugs aplenty. Am especially looking forward to some knock-me-out cough syrup for tonight.

The bad news is that the sinus part of this bug has given me a six day migraine. The good news is that in between migraine attacks (when I lie on the bed with Charley Gansky, who is in ever protective mode), I've actually been able to pretty much keep up with my work quota. (Well, except for Sunday. I took the day off.) So things are not as bad as they could be and I think I can already feel those antibiotics zipping through my bloodstream, bringing me back to Myself.

I have an out of town weekend ahead (going to B'ham), so I need to be tip top. Looks like things will be okay.

Hope you're doing well! P.S. You know all those warnings about "YOU WOULDN'T STEAL A CAR . . . SO WHY WOULD YOU ILLEGALLY DOWNLOAD?" Wierd Al has a parody video on the subject that's hilarious.

Check it out here:


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Dana said...

Sorry to hear you're sick! Boy, it doesn't stop you, does it?! The drugs must be zipping through your system though...and I can tell I'm tired...because the quote at the bottom of your post says seal instead of steal. I thought about it for a good few minutes what sealing a car may mean... Sheesh.
By the way, how did you get the weather pixie onto your blog? I've been trying SO hard and it just won't show up. I've searched online for possible problems but apparently I'm the only who has ever had trouble with this. :(
Where is my easy button?