Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Home Again

I had better get back to blogging . . . or my mother and Aunt Irene won't know what's become of me. (VBG).

Got home yesterday around lunchtime after a full week in North Carolina. Had a grand time--not only did I get some great ideas for my book (it's going to be sooo much better), but I had a fabulous time with Nancy Rue and reconnected with some old friends from the previous Donald Maass event I attended last year in Utah. Also got to spend time with Christian writers Meg Mosely and Deanne Gist--lovely ladies and talented novelists.

And I have been bitten really hard by the puppy bug. This will not be easier to take in the days ahead because I have to read "Marley and Me" for my book club this month . . . sigh. Right now I want to go down to our humane society and adopt every homeless hound in the place, but that's not practical. One must be practical.

I bonded with some other "dog folks" at the Maass event--Vickie G and Sherri M. were both dog people, and I think we honestly talked more about our dogs than our writing. Those ladies are both BIG dog people, as am I, and we love our 100 plus pound pets. I'll have to take a new picture of Charley and post it--he's become quite a handsome boy.

So--today I have to go back to the dentist (big sigh) and do some errands, for tomorrow I must get back to work. And in the mean time, I will try to think of something profound to write in this space.


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