Monday, October 09, 2006

Rene's Big News

Happy Columbus Day!

Some of you may know my friend, Rene Gutteridge, author of Scoop, Boo, and Boo Who?. Rene is a darling, first of all, and second, she just wrote me to share some big news that thrills me! She's just been selected to do a novelization of the new movie The Ultimate Gift. I hadn't heard of this project, but after watching the trailer, I can't wait to see the movie! You can watch the trailer here:

The story is about a spoiled rich kid who hates his grandfather . . . and before he can collect his inheritance, he has to follow twelve steps and receive twelve "gifts" (of character). Big name stars in this movie, including James Garner and Brian Dennehey.

I'm so excited for Rene--and excited about this movie! Look for it in the Spring and be sure to check out the web site!

BTW, I have heard so many good things about FACING THE GIANTS, out now and in theaters. Try to get out to support the film if you can.


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