Friday, October 13, 2006

The WIP Update

Photo: my fictional Fairlawn Funeral Home

I have pre-written all my blog posts for this week because it's the final week before deadline and the WIP needs nearly all my attention. I assigned myself a 47-page-a-day quota for this final edit, and I've done something different this time. I knew the first sections would go quickly because they were polished. So instead of moving forward onto new pages when I finished at five o'clock or so, I've been going back over these pages and doing a few of the things Donald Maass told us to do--like inserting "zingers" in dialogue, looking for spots to insert humor, looking to enhance "turning points" in a scene. It's been fun, and I've been grateful for the extra time.

The last half of the manuscript, though, isn't nearly as polished as the first half was, so I expect to be working long and hard as the week nears its end. This book, now titled "Doesn't She Look Good?" has to be sent in first thing Monday morning on the 16th . . . or maybe even on Sunday night. I'll make my editor happy and come in early.

In any case, the book is coming, I''ve really fallen in love with these characters, and I'm glad I get to write about them through two more books.

P.S. Archaeologists say they have discovered bones of an ancient giant camel that stood as tall as a modern-day elephant. Wow! Wonder how long that guy could go without water?


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C.J. Darlington said...

It's inspiring to hear how dedicated at learning your craft you are, Angie. Many writers would stop when they've reached your level, assuming they've learned it all. But to hear that you're still seeking to learn is great. Reminds me to always be willing to teach myself new things, no matter what stage of life I may be in.

Looking forward to the new book!