Friday, April 20, 2007


(Photo artist: David Meanix)

I've spent the week reading books and trying to get a grip on the next novel . . . a work I'm tentatively calling THE FACE, though I'm not at all wild about that title. It'll probably change.

I have the germ of an idea, of course, and I'm excited about it, but how best to tell the story?

One of the first things I do when beginning a project is pull out the book 20 MASTER PLOTS by Ronald Tobias. He has boiled most possible plots down to twenty, and a quick flip through the book usually helps me solidify my thinking. I know my plot when I see it, and Tobias is really good at differing between action plots or character plots.

In any case, I knew at once that THE FACE will be a "transformation" plot--a plot about the change in a character. THE AWAKENING was a transformation plot. What Aurora did in the story wasn't nearly as important as the way she changed over the course of the novel.

So--I have my transformation plot guidelines, I have a good idea of what's going to happen, and I have a LOT of reading to do. Oh, yes, and I did my plot skeleton. :-) But I'll be working on that all the way through the writing.

So--what's THE FACE about? Two seminal ideas: one, face transplants. Two, the fact that making a facial expression actually causes you to feel the expressed emotion.

I find those two keys fascinating. :-)



Dana said...

Is that true? I think I may need to smile more. :) Hmmm... that DID help. ;) Your WIP sounds very interesting. I love transformation novels. I LOVED The Awakening. Can't wait to hear more about this new book.

BTW, I started The Justice yesterday and I'm almost halfway through it. I'm not happy about where things are right now (but won't got into detail for those who've never read it) but I'm expecting the unexpected. Very good book so far!! :)

Kay Day said...

Sounds like a cool book, Angie! Boy, you just keep on, don't you? Do you take breaks sometimes from writing? Other than when you are teaching writing? Do you plan vacations or something?

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see how this book comes to life! sounds like another good one!

Anonymous said...

I'll be thinking about this---"making a facial expression actually causes you to feel the expressed emotion"---all week....maybe this is why I'm so happy when I'm teaching my preK students each morning! We smile and laugh quite a bit.

Your novels have been thought-provoking and life changing for me. When I finished "Uncharted" at 11pm on a Wednesday night, I shut the book and prayed, "God, please help me to sleep. I need at least 5 hours.". At 4:30am, I awoke. I gave my heart to Jesus over 30 years ago and I believe I have a growing relationship with God, but this book shook me to the core. I'm not the only one to have this reaction, am I?

Dana said...

No way, Cmommy. I had a very strong reaction to that book too. I'm reminded of it sometimes and I thank God He chose to save me. :)