Sunday, October 21, 2007

Help Me Pick a Winner

Before I delve into the daily topic, please visit Athol Dickson's blog ( and do as he suggests regarding Mike Huckabee. If you're like me, you've been wondering if you'll have a voice in this coming election at all. Well--we won't have any voice if we sit this one out, so let's get off our seats and DO something. Please send everyone you know to Athol's blog. Thanks.

I participated in a promotional venture called "Author Buzz" this mont and asked readers to come up with a slogan for the Fairlawn Funeral Home. The winner receives a ten-pound box of books.

I don't need any more entries, but will you help me select a winner? Just mention your favorite in the comments box, and I'll total them up in a couple of days. :-) Thank

From Lisa: "Better than they Ever Looked"
From Maureen: "Life Comes At You Fast . . . and then it Doesn't."
From Julie: "Where the Grand Come to Rest"
From Joey: "We Prepare the Finest!"
From Rosemary: "They're Just Dying to Get In!"
From Stephanie: "Fairlawn Funeral Home . . . Where the Fun is Finished!"
From Carol: "The Place People are Dying to Get Into!"
From Karen: "Fairlawn Funeral Home: Always Fair and Always There"
From Bob: "People are just dying to get in."
From Laurie: "We take care of you forever."
From Jane: "Come visit the Fairlawn Funeral Home at Mount Dora and make plans to stay forever"
From K: "Don't I look like myself?"
From Mari: "We're here for you!"
From Heidi: We help you look better than in real life.
From Jean: Your serenity guaranteed.
From Cynthia: We satisfy all customers, dead or alive.
From Kathy L: "We take care of the whole being: skin to soul."
From Rebekah: Fairlawn Funeral Home, Where Death Is Beautiful.
From Terri: "Dying to Get In."
From Sharon F: The Fairlawn Funeral Home - Where You Can Finally Relax!
From Stacy: Once they're gone, bring them to Fairlawn!
From Susan M: Let us make your death an easy transition.
From Nicole K: Come for the lodging, stay for the view.
From Rhonda C: You Pop 'Em We Plant 'Em.
From Kathy C: "On the way to where the grass is always greener."
From Kay C: "Remains to be seen."

Whew! PLEASE help me select a winner. Tell me your ONE favorite in the comments box. Thanks so much!



Anonymous said...

I like Laurie's, "We take care of you forever." I think the Fairlawn staff is sincere, even if the town is a little off-center.

Anonymous said...

my favorite is nicole k.'s:
come for the lodging-stay for the view.

Christy Lockstein said...

I like Laurie's We Take Care of You Forever. It seems like something Gerald would say.

Ernie W. said...

Hi Angie, I liked from Joey: "We Prepare the Finest!"

Hope your day is great.


Athol Dickson said...

Thanks for mentioning my post about the Republican candidates for president, Angie. Whether one agrees with me about Mike Huckabee or not, it's vital--and urgent--for the Christian blogosphere to start working hard ASAP to get Rudolph Giuliani booted off the list of viable contenders. If he is nominated, we will have two candidates for president, BOTH of whom support abortion.

Anonymous said...

"Your serenity guaranteed" and "We take care of you forever" both were at the top of my list. Maybe because I just buried my Mother last month, I was drawn more to the simple and dignified. Although I loved "We take care of you forever", it's not quite true to the beginning and middle of your life, but "Serenity" being guaranteed during a time that can be quite difficult, would reel me in. Clyde

Suzanne said...

Remains to be seen. I really LOL-ed at that one!

Jill Eileen Smith said...

I like "On the way to where the grass is always greener." :)

And if you're a Christian - it is!

Anonymous said...

Your Serenity Guaranteed wins hands down. It seems like a very funeral home-esque tagline - short, calm, professional. People wanting to bury their loved ones need serenity at that time when life is in such a turmoil.


Kelli Standish said...

I really like "We take care of you forever". The rest are great, and totally funny, but seem a little disrespectful of people's pain.

Anonymous said...

I just finished reading, "Doesn't She Look Natural" and I think the "Always Fair, Always There" fits with what Jennifer wanted for Fairlawn. The ones about dying to get in all sound like the tag line for Disney's Haunted Mansion.

Tamera Alexander said...

Like this one best: "On the way to where the grass is always greener."

Except I'd tweak it to say, "Your path to where the grass is always greener."

Hey, I'm a writer! I have to edit! ;)

Kathryn Mackel said...

OK, if you want it to be serious, then "Your serenity guaranteed" is the way to go. (Great work, Jean.) But if you're playing for laughs , I simply love Stacy's "Once they're gone, bring them to Fairlawn!"

Maureen Lang said...

I like "Your serenity guaranteed." Sounds like a place I would want to work with (although that might be a hard slogan to live up to!)

Kacy Barnett-Gramckow said...

Your serenity guaranteed.

Rachel Hauck said...

Maybe I'm weird, (shh no comments) but I like "Once they're gone, bring them the Fairlawn."

Rachel :)

Colleen Coble said...

I like Your Serenity Guaranteed.

Lisa Tawn Bergren said...

I like Lisa's: Life comes at you fast...and then it doesn't.

But then many of them cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

I like "Your serenity guaranteed."

DeAnna Julie Dodson said...

I like "Remains to be seen," but maybe that's just me.

Probably wouldn't care for it much if I'd just lost a family member, but if you're going for off kilter, that's the one. :)

DeAnna Julie Dodson

Jill said...

Your serenity guaranteed.

That one jumped out at me.