Sunday, October 14, 2007

Simple IQ Test

I got a 130 on this one, even though 1) it had lots of number questions and I don't DO numbers and 2) twice I clicked the mouse so emphatically that the program skipped a question. (Eeeek!)

You're not supposed to take it twice, so you have to stick with your first answer. How'd you do? (Don't worry--no one takes these things seriously. Or at least you shouldn't.)

P.S. Happy birthday to my dear hubby! I feel very "smart" indeed for marrying him. :-)



Angela said...

P.S. to Clyde--

welcome back! How was your trip?


Kay Day said...

Wow. You're way smart, duh. I, duh, only got, duh, 118. But it is waayy past my bedtime. Yeh, that's it. I'm tired.
But still, I am way above average. Can't complain too much I guess.

Andrea said...

Just popping in to say that yesterday, I came home to the most beautiful thing sitting on my gate post - an Amazon box! In it was "Doesn't She Look Natural". I wasn't able to get started on it until bedtime last night and I ended up reading until 2AM. My hubby made sure to comment this morning about how he didn't sleep very well last night (oops!). I plan to finish it today, but wanted to let you know that you've got my full attention!

Anonymous said...

Oh Angie - you have been to the Holy Land, so you know what an impact it can have on us mere mortals. Of course every major site in the life of our Lord now has a church or temple built on top of it to preserve it. My first impact of actually being where Jesus had been was at Jacob's Well. To touch the stone and to drink of the water was an overwhelming sensation. And, in Nazareth, I had the honor of singing Mary's "Magnificat" a capella at St. Gabriel's Greek Orthodox Church, built over Mary's Well. God saw me through the singing, but my tears afterwards spoke the true awesomeness of the moment. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that this extraordinary trip was the highlight of my life. Clyde

Anonymous said...

Kay and I are twins. I got 119.

Angela said...

So glad to hear your trip was life-changing, Clyde. I need to go again--I went in college, and that was many years ago! I'd love to go and take my hubby.

Andrea--I'm partial to boxes, too! :-) Hope you enjoy the book. I begin writing the third one tomorrow!

Kay and Susan: methinks you are alike in more ways than this . . .

Now--it's Sunday afternoon and I have to work on my theology paper. Only two more papers to go!


Kay Day said...

Good thing I like Susan, then!
Good thing you're a genius -- working on those Theology papers and all.

Anonymous said...

I got 134 ... there's a lot to be said for knowing how to guess! That was fun, kept me out of trouble for a few minutes, and no-one got hurt. Not bad, not bad at all!!! =) Clyde