Monday, June 02, 2008

BOM: How the idea Germinated

Actually, the idea didn't germinate at all.  It was handed to me on a silver platter. :-) 

Word Publishing met with Grant Jeffrey, a prophecy expert, and heard some of his ideas about how cutting-edge technology (in the late nineties) could play into biblical prophecies about the last days.  Grant had written many nonfiction books and freely admitted that he didn't know anything about writing fiction.  So, somehow, my name got tossed into the mix.  We met, I agreed to do two books, and then I flew to Canada to brainstorm with Grant and plot out the first book. 

Grant and his lovely wife, Kay, opened their home and we spent two days pouring over notes about the Y2K scenario.  I don't know how much you remember about 1998 and '99, but there was real concern that Life as We Know It would come to a crashing halt when the calendar rolled from 1999 to 2000.  That awful scenario didn't happen, of course, and we probably need to thank hundreds of computer programmers for that.  :-)

Grant had some clear ideas about our hero, Daniel Prentice, and he gave me tons of information on the Y2K problem, as well as some info on specialized weapons and technology. I went through my plot skeleton with him and showed him how the plot should work.  Then I gathered our notes together and went home to write the book.  

Tomorrow: the research. And yes, Deborah, we'll talk about all three books before the week is out. :-)



Mocha with Linda said...

We'll see if Blogger's fixed and lets me comment this time.

Love your humility: "somehow my name got tossed into the mix." Methinks people name drop Angie Hunt as often as they can!

I haven't read this series. I generally avoid end-ties prophecy fiction - too traumatized as a child by frightening sermons - but I suspect by the time this BOM is done, I'm going to be intrigued!!

Mocha with Linda said...

Blogger's fixed but my fingers apparently aren't!

Meant to type "end-times prophecy fiction". (See how traumatized I am?! LOL)

Anonymous said...

I absolutsly LOVED this series. It was well-written, had me charging into the next chapter with reckless abandon and seriously dejected when the third book ended. After I whittle down the stack on the floor next to my bed, I will probably re-read it. Clyde