Wednesday, June 18, 2008


  Okay, this is TOO much fun.  This website,, is where you can paste in some text and a minute later receive your artistic "word cloud" with your text!  You can even change the colors, and no two designs (even with the same text) are the same.

Two of these word word clouds are a passage from my WIP.  I love it because it's sort of the entire book in one glance!   Now, if I could only figure out how to make it larger . . . try clicking to enlarge. 

After I grew bored with that, I inserted my bio into the website and the applet created this--my life in a word blob!  
 . . OH! And look at this one, with my favorite psalm:

Go and have fun! 



Mocha with Linda said...

That's neat. I can't think up enough words for min to make it as pretty and interesting as yours, though! LOL

Anonymous said...

ooh I love the Psalm one.

Ok, I signed on here to say:

Dear Angie who is smarter than I am:

How did you get it to let you save a picture file instead of just posting the long ugly link?

Awaiting your wisdom,


Angela said...

Dear Poet, who gives me too much credit:

I only know how to do this on a Mac. There's probably a way to do it on a PC, but if I ever knew what it was, I've forgotten it.

On a Mac, however, you simply bring up the image on the wordle website and hit command/shift/4 simultaneously. This brings up crosshairs, which you use to "select" the image you want, then you--hit enter, I think. This saves the image to your desktop. After that, you can save it as a jpeg or whatever you please, and the image is yours to print or share or use as your desktop. :-)

Google "screenshot" and PC . . . or maybe hit the "print screen" key on your PC keyboard. It won't actually print, but I think it saves the image to the clipboard, which you can then paste into a document and save . . . I think.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Angie, you're spot on. I didn't wait to read this, though - there has to be some benefit to having a techno-weenie geek for a husband, who is currently unemployed ...

Word cloud showing up on my blog as soon as he's done editing it :)
(he offered to do that part)

Kay Day said...

Awesome! I did my life's verse. I'll have to write a bio or something and do that!

And thanks for the Mac tip.

Kay Day said...

I did one on the entire chapter of Job 38. It looks really cool. I couldn't get it to load for a while, but its on there now. I'm going to print some of these out.

It would be neat for a Bible study, or book club or whatever, to do all the names of the members.

Anonymous said...

That was such fun! Thx for keeping us amused, Angie! Clyde

Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool, and very addicting :)