Sunday, June 22, 2008

Is there any sound quite like a laughing baby?

HT to James Scott Bell for sharing this link.  It's a day-brightener, which I need while I rest up from a half-day of flying home.  

Had a marvelous time at the Southern Christian Writers' Conference in Tuscaloosa.  Wonderful people, great friends.  

Enjoy the laughing baby video! 



Mocha with Linda said...

That makes me smile every time! What a cutie!

Anonymous said...

I saw this commercial for the first time yesterday. That is the most infectious laugh I have ever heard! Now I can listen to it over and over. Thx, Angie, and James Scott Bell, too! Clyde

Kay Day said...

that is so cute!
Have you seen the one with a lady surrounded by her 4 or five babies all laughing? I think its from AFV.

Lisa said...

How could you not smile when you hear a baby laugh like that? Thanks for sharing the joy.