Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Dewey the Library Cat

My book club's book-of-the-month is DEWEY, the Small Town Library Cat, etc. . . . and last night I began to read it. Now, it may have been that I was tired, or that I was simultaneously watching ANIMAL COPS, where this pitiful puppy with Parvo had a miraculous recovery and finally made her way to a happy family, but I read three chapters of DEWEY and sobbed through every one.  Actually had to put the book down, wipe the tears, blow my nose, and wait for the sinuses to dry up before I could continue to read.  No, it's not a sad story.  Probably no one else would cry like that.  But I sure did.  

In any case, if the purpose of a "pleasure read" is to move us emotionally, DEWEY is more than accomplishing its purpose.  I highly recommend it--and I haven't even read the ending yet!  

Enjoy.  But if you're an animal lover, better keep a box of tissues handy. 

You know, I AM allergic to cats.  Maybe that explains it.  :-)



Anonymous said...

Definitely a keep-tisues-at-hand gem. I'm a cat-lover and dog-lover, and I can't resist these books. But I do wish I could learn to keep a little distance.

Mocha with Linda said...

I'm not even a cat-lover, but this sounds wonderful. That cover is precious!

squiresj said...

I'm a cat lover so don't know if I should read this book. I have way too many cats - 38 outside I think my husband estimated and two inside. I cannot say no to any animal in need. Believe me they are all well fed too.
Interesting blog.

Unknown said...

Wait until you get to the end of the book...the crying gets worse! Lovely, touching story.

Angela said...

I finished it last night--and blubbered like a baby. Very sweet. Highly recommended.