Tuesday, December 02, 2008

BIG Bookbag Giveaway

We interrupt this BOM to bring you an important announcement. 

I want to give away a big bookbag filled with books (all different titles), but I've been trying to come up with a unique way to do it--a way that will benefit as many people as possible. So this is what I've come up with.  :-)  

See the bookbag Charley is guarding?  It's an official bookbag from the Mt. Dora library, home to the Fairlawn Funeral home, of course.  I will fill it with as many Angela Hunt titles as it will hold, including an advance reader's copy of the yet-to-be-released SHE'S IN A BETTER PLACE, aka Fairlawn #3.  

In order to be entered in the drawing, you need to do these things. 

2.  Now go here and look at all the things you could give someone else for Christmas. I know money is tight for nearly everyone this year, but you could help another family for as little as five Starbucks coffees.  :-) 

3. Now--you don't have to give anything in order to be entered in the drawing.  But people who write and tell me that they gave SOMETHING (anything) through www.heifer.org will be entered in the drawing TWENTY TIMES.  :-)  

4.  To be entered in the drawing, go here and leave a note in the  "send an email" box.  Include the word "contest" somewhere in the message so I'll know you're not just dropping a note to say hi.  ;-) If you gave something through Heifer.org, be sure to let me know.  Please, only one entry per person. I'll put in the extra entries for the heifer donations.  

5. The bookbag will contain 2 copies of each title--one for you, and one for you to donate to your church library or public library.  

6.  Finally, I'll hold the drawing on Christmas Eve and announce the winner after Christmas.  The winner will need to send me her mailing address.  

Got it?  Sorry to make this a wee bit complicated, but I wanted to spread the joy as much as possible.   

Best to you!  


P.S.  I've already heard from so many of you who are gathering your pennies, nickels, and dimes to give something from heifer.org--bees, chicks, goats, rabbits.  I feel like we're outfitting Noah's Ark!  :-)   


sara said...

I sent my email!!! But if you have time, pop over to my blog and see what we are doing as a family.....we think alike!


Kathy Cassel said...

I just purchases a flock of chicks and sent an e-mail.

I am rereading The Justice.

Holly said...

my gracious! I'll be back at the kids' nap time. Sounds fun. And you know I give your books away all the time, so I need to replenish my supply :)


Mandie H. said...

I work at Anna Ogden Hall, a residential program for homeless women and children. Our residents love Angela Hunt books, and they also like to get involved in giving back what they have been given. I'll be talking with them about collecting their pocket change and see what we can come up with. Hope it's a Llama! =) Mandie

Angela said...

Thanks, everybody, for your enthusiasm. I've been hearing from people all day, and even those who can't give to heifer now will at least keep it in mind all year round.

And isn't that what Christmas is all about? Many, many thanks!


Stephanie said...

Ooh, fun contest :) What a great way to get people into the giving spirit and the true meaning of Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

we have already obligated ourselves to give to a local homeless place that has church services, bible studies, and also helps feed and clothe the homeless. i will keep heifer in mind for another time.

Anonymous said...

Such a great idea! I did just go and made a donation for a share of the Knitting Basket.
I sent you an email, but forgot to mention "contest" in the email. I think perhaps you'll realize that I wanted to enter?
This is such a worthwhile organization and I donated in honor of my daughter and her family. It's part of their Christmas gift.

Anonymous said...

PS....Your dog is too cute for words! What a sweetie! I guess he's not part of the winning package, right? (only kidding!)

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela. When I first read your post, I took the video about giving and posted it on my blog. Honestly, I thought it was a little complicated, so I figured I would post the video and that would be it. Then stuff started happening that wasn't related, but of course with God it is always related, and the video inspired me and my family. I blogged about it over at my site. I'm so glad you posted this!