Friday, December 12, 2008

Presidential Pix

I found this video interesting--mainly because it's apparent that Jimmy Carter gave us presidents with TEETH.  Before him--no teeth in the presidential portraits.  After Carter--teeth galore. 

Was it suddenly more appropriate to smile, or did we see a huge advance in dental technology?  



Leslie said...

Now that was pretty neat. I hadn't realized before that we had some pretty good looking Presidents in the last 200 years. LOL

As for the teeth - Carter's was the first one that was a picture instead of an oil painting portrait. I have the feeling their portraits are solemn too... especially if they have to sit for hours on end while the person paints them :)

Deborah said...

thank you for posting that! that's why i'm a history major, i love stuff like that. although it was a bit freaky seeing how some of the prez looking similar while they morphed (and not the ones that were related either). i also thought it was funny seeing the style of the mustaches change over the years

SmilingSally said...

Praying for you today.

Holly said...

How interesting. Kind of makes my stomach queasy, as well...with all the morphing.

Praying for your family and for you, as you sing.

Mocha with Linda said...

You've been on my heart today.

That was interesting. Kinda bizarre how "naturally" some of them morphed to the next one. And some of them needed to comb their hair way back there! Andrew Jackson's pic always cracks me up.

I know all my ancestors phots are non-smiling. It used to be considered such a serious and rare endeavor that no one smiled - they were thought to be frivilous if they did. How times have changed!

Anonymous said...

now that was pretty cool! thanks for sharing it with us!