Friday, February 05, 2010

Heavenly Daze Cruise Report

We had a wonderful time on the Heavenly Daze cruise to Cozumel. It was such fun to finally meet so many "Dazers," people who belong to the Heavenly Daze yahoo group and who have corresponded and prayed for each other for years. Lori Copeland and I answered their questions and led discussions on each other's books--fun! Then we worshipped together on Sunday morning.

And we got to roam around Cozumel on Saturday--and I got to practice my Spanish! I happily asked how much several items cost, but the answer came so fast, I had to stop and say, "I think you'd better tell me that answer in English." LOL! Fortunately, most people in the shops spoke English a lot better than I spoke Spanish, but at least I am getting better.

Nothing is as relaxing as a cruise. Every night feels like you're being rocked to sleep in a cradle . . . so roll on, sea, roll on!

Enjoy the photos!


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