Saturday, February 13, 2010

In Memory of Edna Haynes Scarborough

On Saturday, the hubby and I will be driving to a funeral, that of my aunt, Edna Haynes Scarborough. She died Wednesday afternoon.

Aunt Edna was the eldest of four sisters, whom I lovingly refer to as "the aunts." My mom and her sisters are genuinely close--they used to take trips together, they visit often, and we all get together every Thanksgiving, when we catch up with the cousins.

I could write a lot about Edna and her four children, but she was very pleased with her status as a professional woman. She was a legal secretary for years, and was still working on her church newsletter and taking the occasional typing job.

Last Christmas, Aunt Edna took a spill and was bitten by a dog--a nasty combination of injuries that resulted in nearly a year of hospitalization and rehab. Soon after leaving rehab and going back home, she discovered that she had breast cancer. This photo was taken only a few months ago, at our Thanksgiving reunion, when she assured me that she was spreading the word about my books to everyone who lived in her retirement development. :-) Bless her heart, she was a devoted reader and encourager, even occasionally leaving notes on my blog (along with Aunt Rene.) :-)

Aunt Edna knew and loved the Lord, so I know she's with him. But we will miss her at the reunions . . . and I know her children will miss her support and her strong opinions. :-)

See you soon, Aunt Edna. We'll be looking for you when we go Home.



Mocha with Linda said...

What a precious lady. I hope today will be a sweet time of reminiscing.

Anonymous said...

She sounds like the aunt we'd all like to have.

Praying for safe travel and the comfort and joy of family resting in the Lord for you all, Angie.
Mary Kay

Kay Day said...

I'm sorry for your grief, Angie. She reminds me of my aunt. It's good to know they are with Jesus, but they are missed.

Linda G said...

When my mom died we were so thankful that she was out of pain and we know that she is with the Lord. But how we missed her and still miss her!

Anonymous said...

A wonderful tribute to someone who must have been a wonderful lady! May your day be bittersweet and heartwarming. Prayers are with you all. Clyde