Thursday, March 11, 2010

Food for Thought



Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, Angie! Fantastic comparison.

I've been reading The 5000 Year Leap and am stunned at:

1 How much history I never learned from K-16 in school

2 The genius of our Founding Fathers in crafting a government radically different from most (all?) in history

3 That this form of govt. was to insure the govt. could not become tyrannical, and citizens would have freedoms only imagined prior to the Constitution, and rights given by God.

4 and above all that (which I had an inkling about) is that the FF, while guarding against have the govt. IMPOSE a single church on the citizens, believed basic religious tenets (about a Creator, and the Creator's code of right and wrong, etc.) FORMED THE BASIS OF THE GOVERNMENT and without a moral populace, this form of government would be insufficient.

5. They also believed and planned that those RELIGIOUS TENETS BE TAUGHT IN ALL SCHOOLS.

I've wondered how we moved so far from our moorings, and how to express it. This video does so eloquently. Thank you for sharing. And may God answer our prayers and save our country from the erosion and morphing we are in.

Mary Kay

Barbara Koyutis said...

As time passes by,I'm realizing that Ronald Reagan had uncanny or supernatural wisdom. Now I know why Nancy looked at him with such adoration. The contrast between Reagan and Obama's presidential style and their beliefs hits you like a two-by-four.
If we Americans have to be hit by a two-by-four to see the 'light' than so be it. JFK's quote, "Ask not what your Country can do for you, but what you can do for your Country." is still relevant today. Angie, thanks for this stark comparison of two Presidents.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing this to us, Angie. How true this divergence of agendas is and how transparent Obama really is. He's been telling us all along what he's going to do, and we just heard what we wanted to hear. Some of us heard the warning bells, but euphoria won the day in November 2008. It's incumbent upon those of us who now see what's happening to our beloved country to rise up and fight hard for her. Don't let these Progressives take away our liberties! Clyde, an ardent admirer and continuing supporter of Ronald Reagan