Thursday, March 18, 2010

Writing at Starbucks


I know why people write at Starbucks--sometimes you simply need a chance of scenery. Or you may need to get away from the family, the dogs, the email, the phone, or the children.

I have never gone to a Starbucks (or any other place) to write, but I have gone to the back porch or the kitchen. Do those places count?



Mocha with Linda said...

I like to read at Starbucks. That's where I go every week when my kids are at their Wed. night Bible studies.

Anonymous said...

I love having a laptop so I can write anywhere in the house, away from kids and the action. I did try writing at Starbucks. They are not all the same! I went to a downtown location and it was a hotspot for cabbies and boy do they talk loud! Next I tried the library, which had some sort of children's program happening, so I ended up returning home in frustration.
Another time I went to a posh coffee shop to write, and found I was endlessly distracted by the other patrons. People watching is more interesting than writing.

Anonymous said...

Since I am not a writer (other than my own blog) I don't tote my laptop everywhere. However, my knitting is a different story. I even got a little bag to hold my on-going sock knitting so it would be easy to carry around with me. There is no place not conducive to knitting...other than the movies.

Diane Marie Shaw said...

Okay, I am one who goes to coffee shops to write. When I am home I get distracted and feel like I should be doing house things. When I go to a coffee shop I am going to work. I have learned to shut out those around me unless it is one of those people who have a voice that booms. You know what I mean, their voice carries through the whole shop. You never hear the person they are talking to so it seems to be a one sided conversation.
Besides getting writing done I get to have drinks or pastries that I wouldn't get at home. Bonus.

Anonymous said...

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Kay Day said...

That's funny. Maybe I should write at Starbucks more. Well, I just should write more.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could write something substantive. I seem to be only good for sound bites. =( Clyde

Angela said...

LOL. Sound bytes have their place . . . :-)