Monday, March 08, 2010

Ocoee, Florida keeps reading!

I LOVE this! Ocoee is in central Florida, and my hat's off to these great kids and their flash mob dance!

Keep reading, kids!



Anonymous said...

That was really neat! No small feat to learn the routine and terrific subject matter. Hat's off is right. Thx, Angie! Clyde

Anonymous said...

How very cool to use that format to encourage reading! Actual paper and ink books. Yeah! Thanks, Angie.

Mary Kay

Caitriona said...

I hope the BEP (Black Eye Peas) have seen the video. Most of the kids are probably familiar with the original song done by them.
This was great. Thanks Angie. Never a dull moment on this blog.

Andrea said...

I am proud to say that the woman on lead vocals is now an adjunct voice teacher at the University where I work :)