Saturday, December 04, 2010

Dog meets Dolphin

Okay, gather the kidlings around for this sweet short film--eleven minutes, if you've got the time. Isn't that Steve Guttenberg? What's he doing in this film? I have no idea what language that is--does anyone know?

Anyway, since I finished my WIP and handed it in, I think I've decided that I usually get more done when I'm on deadline. :-) Hope your pre-holiday tasks are going well!



Angie A. said...

According to Google! Translate, this is Croatian. The dog looks like the one from "For the love of Winn-Dixie."

Thanks for sharing all of these with us. They're great!

Kay Day said...

Here's the movie, Zeus and Roxanne:

B.Schwind said...

What a warm story on this chilly snowy morning, thanks. Language NOT A BARRIER WHEN LOVE IS SPOKEN.