Thursday, December 02, 2010

So You Want to Write a Novel?

This has been making the rounds, so I hope you haven't seen it yet. It'd be funnier if it weren't so true . . .

If this is Friday morning, I'm speaking in chapel at Taylor University. Prayers would be appreciated. :-) Thanks!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Angie. That is funny (except to agents and editors).

Maxing the credit cards -- he's read THE PROPOSAL!

Prayers ascending. Enjoy your time at Taylor.

Mary Kay

Debbie in SC said...

Best line:"I have a gun in my car. I am going to go get it now" The guy is optomistic, but like SO many people in my daily walk, he's NOT LISTENING to facts...just stupidly moves on... :o)

Anonymous said...

Love it!