Monday, December 06, 2010

Letterman Top Ten List

A tip of the hat to friend David Roth for sending me this (and he's a man!). Too cute not to share:

10 Reasons why God created Eve

10. God worried that Adam would be lost in the Garden of Eden
because he wouldn't ask for directions.

9. God knew that someday Adam would need someone to hand him the
TV remote.
(Parenthetically, it has been noted that men don't want to see
what's ON TV; they want to see WHAT ELSE is on.)

8. God knew that Adam would never make a doctor's appointment.

7. God knew that when Adam's fig leaf wore out, he would never
buy a new one for himself.

6. God knew that Adam would not remember to take out the garbage.

5. God wanted man to be fruitful and multiply, but he knew Adam
would never be able to handle labor pains and childbirth.

4. As "keeper of the garden," Adam would need help in finding
his tools.

3. Adam needed someone to blame for the Apple Incident and for
anything else that was really his fault.

2. As the Bible says: "It is not good for man to be alone."

1. And the No. 1 reason:

[Drum roll . . . ]

God stepped back, looked at Adam and declared:
"I can do better than that."

Have a great day!

~~Angie, who counts men among her best friends. :-)


Mocha with Linda said...

THat's great! Love #1!

Anonymous said...

Your picture today is from Schonbrunn- I've been there at least twice!

Angela said...

Really, Susan? I had no idea where the pic was from--I was just looking for something even CLOSE to the garden of Eden. :-)

Anonymous said...

(I answered you once but it has been et by the computer)

Yep. This is from the back of the castle looking over the incredibly beautiful grounds. There is a Zoo off to the right where my father in law bought ice cream for my children :)