Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our Share It With a Sister Winners!


Yesterday I asked my friend Terri Blackstock to select the winners for our "Share It With a Sister Contest." She gave me numbers, and I counted through all the entries until I reached those numbers, so here are our winners!

Grand prize: Sabine Galvan!

First Place winners:

Grace Mullaney
Nancy Fuller
Cassandra Mohr
Anita vander Elst
Loretta Oakes

Thanks to everyone for sharing their sister photos with all of us! You are all such lovely ladies!



Anonymous said...

I am so very excited and honored to have won - definately made my day a happy one!

Congrats to all the other winners...and thank you for this great contest :)

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. Enjoy!

And thanks, Angie, for fun slide shows. Wishing you wild success with INSINCERITY.

Mary Kay

Caitriona said...

Angie!!!!!! Grace Mullaney is my oldest daughter and she is pictured with her sister Katie. Their photo: I think they took the pictures with Katie's Macbook Pro and then put it into a style like the booth you sit in and have your picture taken whether you are ready or not. The girls met you in a library in Florida when we lived down there(2006). They were teens and took a road trip with Daddy to go meet you. (Florida is not a small state) The two of them are now in college.
I had no idea that Grace had even entered the contest! What a blessed Mummy I am, that my kids do indeed love one another. My heart overflows with gratitude.
Thanks for making my day!

Angela said...

Catherine, I remember meeting your daughters and hubby! I was so impressed--and humbled--that they would have driven so far just to come to the library.

I love, love that Grace was one of the winners. Very cool.

You are blessed indeed!