Friday, February 10, 2012

Typewriters are in again . . .

So all of a sudden I notice I'm surrounded by typewriters.

I first noticed it when one of my favorite flash sites,, featured beautiful restored manual typewriters by I yearned to get one, but they were gone in a flash and apparently that's the only way kasbah mod sells them.

Then I heard Glen Beck say that he'd recently bought a typewriter because he was paranoid about big brother Google watching everything we write on the Internet. Hmm. Maybe he has a point.

Then I noticed all the vintage typewriters on Suddenly typewriters were cool again, and they were everywhere.

So I thought about getting one, but I really don't have anywhere to put it. Then I found programs that can make your computer sound like a typewriter, BUT, best of all, I found instructions on how to make your Mac sound like a typewriter with the stuff that's already built in (sorry, PC folks). If you want to feel like you're in college again (if you went to college before laptops), just do this:

Make your Mac Sound Like a Typewriter
1. Open the System Preferences window

2. Click on Universal Access.

3. Click the Keyboard button on the top.

4. Turn on "Slow Keys"

5. Check the box next to Use Click Key Sounds

6. Move the Acceptance Delay slider all the way to the right for "Short".

That's all you have to do. All you'll be missing is the "ding" when you hit the end of a line--and you know, I really miss that ding.

I've been writing with typewriter sounds for two days now, and when I'm really cooking, it sounds like a machine gun going off in my office. My hubby just laughs at me, but it makes me feel so doggone PRODUCTIVE!

So--there's your fun tip for the day. Enjoy!

Clacking away,



Tracy said...

Our dog would probably have a fit with all that noise! :-) But I might have to try today to find out.

My book that just released this week has a vintage typewriter on the cover. It's so gorgeous!

Bonnie Lacy said...

Awesome! I'm so gonna do it! Thanks!

Mocha with Linda said...

That's pretty funny!

The Doves said...

Yep loving it right now!! Thanks. Gotta find a ding.

Linda G said...

My typewriter is still in my basement.

Teri said...

What a fun idea. We have an old typewriter sitting on my husband's desk in his home office. But it's just for looks. I have a Mac, so may have to try this. Not sure what the dogs will think. We'll see. :-)

Denise Miller Holmes said...

Hubby did that to my PC once and it was a blast! I love it when my computer sounds like a typewriter. Thanks for reminding me of this. I'm going to ask him to fix up my laptop. :D

Kay Day said...

I can't find those settings for some reason. I'll ask one of my kids for help. :)
I have an old typewriter. I think it's a Corona. Probably from the 50's.
My mom used to help out an old grumpy Colonel a few days a week. When I was leaving for college he gave it to her to give to me. I've never really used it. It's hard work!

Anonymous said...

Love it. I miss those sounds, too. Ah, have entered the realm of "women of a certain age." LOL

Mary Kay

Tammie said...

Yet another reason to trade my PC for a Mac :0)