Monday, March 19, 2012

Doggies of the Day

The SPCA is officially closed on Mondays, but the dogs still need walking and this morning there were two new faces that needed photos.

So I'll introduce you to both of them, and they're both wonderful dogs:  Baby and Diamond.  Yes, I went a little overboard with the feather boa! But Baby was such a good sport.

Now--to apply myself to this book in progress.  Head down, back to work.



Anonymous said...

Love the boa, very classy, great look. It is sure to start a trend, lol. Nice job. Theressa in Edmonton

Ronnell Kay Gibson said...

Are those your personal necklaces as well? They give the dogs so much personality! (it seems my earlier message was deleted when my computer froze)

Angela said...

Yes, some of them are my necklaces, and some are from our church thrift store. I told Diamond to be careful, because I hadn't had a chance to even wear that necklace yet! :-)

Anonymous said...

Am loving all the photos you have been posting of the doggers in all that finery! Awesome! Clyde