Sunday, March 25, 2012

I am finally an "official" volunteer. I've been inaugurated. :-/

When I was being trained to volunteer at the SPCA, my trainer told me what to do if a dog ever escapes my control:you are supposed to yell at the top of your lungs, "LOOSE DOG!"

And my first thought was a prayer:"Lord, please don't ever let that happen to me."

Well, it happened today.  I was trying to get a new dog, Dino, out for his picture, and that young dog proved to be more than I expected.  Our kennels have double gates--the top opens with one latch; the bottom opens with another.  So you can usually open the top and lean over to put on the dog's collar and leash.

Well, I did that--I got the collar on Dino and was just about to snap on the leash when suddenly the dog hooked his front paws on the top of the bottom gate and LEAPT OUT OVER THE BOTTOM GATE, dodging right under my outstretched arms! I tried to grab him, but he was away like a flash, and so I started yelling, "LOOSE DOG"and running after him.  I thought I had him trapped when he ran down an alley with no escape, but he got on the other side of a wall, heard me running back to the top of the alley, and the silly goose beat me out of the alley! He flew away, crossing over what felt like acres of grass, and I worried that he would make it to the parking lot . . .

Finally he ran into the building, where another dog volunteer caught him.  And as I ran up to snap on his leash, they said, "It happens."

Well.  My heart was pounding a mile a minute.  I'm not a spring chicken any more, but I sure didn't want Dino to get away.  My only consolation was that maybe he'd tired himself out so he wouldn't be so hyper for our photo shoot.

So . . . here he is--spry, active, darling Dino, who definitely needs some obedience lessons.  :-)  But he's a pretty boy, isn't he?

Have a great tomorrow!



Kathy Cassel said...

Beautiful dog. Don't think I'd have any hope of catching him (without waving a two pound steak his direction!)

lv2scpbk said...

Angela, I'm so happy you volunteer at a animal shelter. I started volunteering also about 2 yrs ago at our local shelter. It's just wonderful walking the dogs and playing with them. They get so excited to see you. Love...Love..Love..Dogs!

Cheryl Klarich said...

Oh my gosh... that Dino needs his own show! What a character!!!

Bless you.