Friday, June 15, 2012

Hot Day at the SPCA

Was hot today at the SPCA, but I snapped pictures of four dogs, then came home to process.  And I stumbled over this wonderful dog photographer in Lakeland, about 90 miles away, so tomorrow morning I'm driving over for a dog photography workshop.  His photos (see them here) are so wonderful that I can't wait to pick up a few tips--particularly with lighting.




My FAVORITE picture


In the mean time, today I photographed two big dogs and two little dogs.  Meet Buttons, Oscar, Diana, and Fiona.

Things have picked up at the shelter--school's out now, and families seem to be stopping by in droves. Here's hoping they all find a new furry friend!


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Anonymous said...

I'm printing out calendar pages and counting the number of available days in the next few months ...