Thursday, June 28, 2012

SPCA Photo Day


Jack's adorable tail. 
Things were slow at the animal shelter all week . . . very few new dogs.  And suddenly--BAM!  Today was my day to go in, and I discovered that there were nine dogs who needed pictures!  I got to eight of them--the ninth was engaged.  :-)

And what a wild bunch!  One of the boys was so enthusiastic about coming out to play that he tried to eat the camera. Believe me, I got home and was surprised to find that I actually had some decent shots of the-boys-who-would-not-sit-still.  :-)

So here they are!  The crew of eight.



Harold. Ever met a dog named Harold? I haven't. 

LOL.  The indescribable Hooch. 



The Darling Teddy. 

Bobbie again.

Talk to you again soon! 


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Anonymous said...

Don't think I ever met a dog named Otis either ... what fun pics today! My favorite was Teddy ... my Daddy's name! Clyde