Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm Branching Out! Into ART!

I never thought I'd type the above headline!  But here I am, delving into art for a couple of reasons. First, I want to do something to help the shelter animals and the folks who have been so gracious to me. Second, I love photography and playing around with pictures. Third, I love words, so why not "marry" the two?

And so I've opened a little studio at  And I believe you'll find a link in the slideshow below.  You can order any print in any format you like--photo, canvas, or even on a tee shirt or mug.  Enjoy!  You can bet I'll be adding more as time goes by (and I find the time to create more!)



Anonymous said...

Why not, indeed!!! God gave you talents so that you would use them. He's already given you the "Go Ahead!" Best wishes on this new venture. Clyde

Anonymous said...

These would make adorable greeting cards! -SandyM-

Southern-fried Fiction said...

These are wonderful, Angie!! A brilliant move by a special person. I love what you're doing!

dellartist said...

Beautiful work, Angie! And I wish you oh so much success. I am a kindred spirit, belong to a similar group with the same mission. We have to speak for the animals because they can't speak for themselves. God bless you!!!