Monday, July 30, 2012

Snapping Shelter Cats Now Available!

I'm happy to report the release of Snapping Shelter Cats: Using Your Camera to Help Shelter Animals Find Loving Homes.    This book is similar to Snapping Shelter Dogs, which released a month ago, but because photographing cats is nothing like photographing dogs, it differs in many ways.

If you enjoy photography and if you've ever wanted to do something for animals at your local shelter, this book will give you practical instruction and lots of examples about what and what not to do.

So download your copy of Snapping Shelter Cats today! Available for the Kindle, and can be read on the iPad or any computer via Amazon's free Kindle reader.

All proceeds from these two books will go to support the Largo, Florida SPCA until the kennel renovation project is completed. Help us spread the word!


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Anonymous said...

I wish I could take that little one home. :)